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Wrestling Star Adam Page’s Humorous Eulogy for Late Horse

Triple H (Via WWE/Twitter)

Adam Page, a stalwart of All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) television programming since his signing in 2019, is known for creating unforgettable moments. One such instance was at AEW All Out 2019, where he made a grand entrance astride a horse named Hunter Horse Helmsey, a clear nod to Triple H. However, the tale of Hunter Horse Helmsey took a somber turn when the horse passed away less than two months after that notable pay-per-view appearance. During a conversation with RJ City on Hey! (EW), Adam Page was asked about his late equine friend and whether the horse had been as cunning in political maneuvering as Triple H is often known for in the wrestling industry. Page responded with a lighthearted jab, saying, “He was a good horse. He was a good horse. He’s dead now. While alive, he was a good horse. No politics, showed up, did his job, didn’t complain. Good horse.”

It is clear that Adam Page has a sense of humor about the memorable Hunter Horse Helmsey incident, and his response is a testament to his ability to poke fun at himself and the situation. The eulogy-turned-joke serves as a reminder that even in professional wrestling, humor and humility can go a long way in endearing fans to a particular wrestler. Page’s ability to laugh at himself and the situation shows that he is aware of the situation’s absurdity and is willing to have fun with it.

WWE and AEW (Via WWE/Twitter)

As for Page’s future in AEW, he remains a driving force behind the company’s television programming, with exciting matchups on the horizon, including a title defense alongside The Young Bucks against The Hardys and Brother Zay on an upcoming episode of AEW Dynamite. With such electrifying bouts on the table, it’s safe to say that Adam Page’s journey in AEW is far from over. Wrestling fans will undoubtedly be watching closely to see how these battles unfold.

Page’s joke about Hunter Horse Helmsey has sparked a question: should AEW cease discussing WWE in general? Despite being a topic of discussion, many fans have expressed their opinions on the matter, with some arguing that it is necessary to keep up with current events and developments in the wrestling world, while others believe it could be seen as a form of idolatry or a disrespect to the companies and wrestlers AEW works with.

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