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WWE Legend Jim Ross’s Unsettled Feelings towards Sylvain Grenier

Jim Ross (Via WWE/Twitter)

Jim Ross, the legendary voice and former WWE Talent Relations Head, had a reputation for being warm towards some superstars, while others didn’t quite win his approval. According to Sylvain Grenier, a former WWE superstar, Ross had a special dislike for him. Grenier believed that his close friendship with Pat Patterson, a renowned figure in WWE, might have contributed to Ross’s disfavor towards him. As an agent at the time, Patterson and Grenier shared a deep bond, with Grenier often gravitating towards him.

Grenier shared his perspective on Rene Dupree’s podcast, stating that Ross didn’t like him because he came from an unconventional background. Grazing the limits of wrestling norms, Grenier’s background consisted of being a model before becoming a wrestler, which might have resonated differently with Ross. Ross’s opinion on what constitutes a “typical” wrestling background might have clashed with Grenier’s unique path. The revelation highlights the intricate dynamics of Ross’s role in WWE talent relations, where he had to navigate the delicate balance of personalities and opinions.

Jim Ross (Via WWE/Twitter)16

It is worth noting that Jim Ross has his own podcast, where he frequently shares his thoughts and opinions on various professional wrestling topics. This claim might become a topic of discussion on his show as well, providing an opportunity for Ross to address the issue and potentially put the past behind them. Alternatively, it could simply be another aspect of the content on his podcast. This shedding of light on Ross’s role in WWE talent relations emphasizes the complex nature of his position, where he had to navigate the delicate balance of personalities and opinions.

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