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WWE Lived Up to Expectations for Goldberg’s WWE Career

Goldberg (Via WWE/Twitter)

WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg has expressed his disappointment and frustration with the company, claiming that they did not honor their promise to give him a proper retirement match. According to Goldberg, he had a handshake agreement with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon that he would receive a dignified retirement match after his match against Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel in February 2022. However, the company failed to follow through on their promise.

Goldberg explained that he values his independence and does not let anyone dictate how he conducts his career or when he decides to retire. He emphasized that nobody can put a stamp on his career and that he goes out on his own terms. He also mentioned that he doesn’t feel comfortable going out under Roman Reigns, especially after having just recovered from COVID-19 and agreeing to a match despite not feeling at his best.

The rumors of Goldberg potentially joining All Elite Wrestling (AEW) after his reported contract expiration with WWE have added to the uncertainty surrounding his future in the industry. Fans remain hopeful that Goldberg will have the opportunity to receive the retirement match that he feels he deserves. Meanwhile, former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock has suggested that Goldberg should face CM Punk in his last match.

Eric Bischoff and Goldberg (Via WWE/Twitter)

As the situation remains unclear, fans are left to wonder what the future holds for the WWE Hall of Famer. It’s possible that Goldberg may decide to retire for good or choose to return to the ring in the future. Either way, fans are holding out hope that he will have the opportunity to receive the proper retirement match that he feels is rightfully his.

Goldberg’s accusations against WWE have sparked a lot of controversy and speculation, leaving fans eagerly awaiting any updates on his future. While it’s unclear what the future holds for the WWE Hall of Famer, one thing is certain – fans will be keeping a close eye on any developments that may arise.

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