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WWE Star’s Controversial Move Sparks Internal Debate

Matt Cardona (Via WWE/Twitter)

Matt Cardona, a former WWE star, caused a stir in the wrestling world when he wore the WWE Women’s Tag Team Title belt at a DDT Pro show in Japan. While the authenticity of the belt was later clarified, the incident drew attention away from WWE and sparked widespread controversy. Fans and critics alike called it an act of disrespect towards the titles held by Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville, Cardona’s wife and tag team partner, respectively.

As the news spread, a tenured member of the WWE creative team spoke out about the internal reaction to the incident. According to the source, the story hadn’t been discussed within the company, citing the numerous pressing matters currently facing WWE. It seems that the issue hasn’t risen to the top of the priority list, at least not yet.

Chelsea Green, Cardona’s wife, fired back at fans who were criticizing her, clarifying that the belt he wore was a replica rather than the actual championship belt. While this may have cooled off some of the backlash, the controversy still lingers. The authenticity of the situation aside, the fact that Cardona wore a championship belt at an event not affiliated with WWE raises eyebrows, particularly given WWE’s high hopes for Green and Deville to stabilize the women’s tag team division.

Matt Cardona (Via WWE/Twitter)

One wonders how this incident will impact their performance, and whether it will affect their dynamic or their title reign. The move has also raised questions about Cardona’s and Green’s relationship with WWE, and whether this controversy will have a lasting impact. As the dust settles, it’s clear that Cardona’s actions have caused a stir, regardless of the replica belt’s involvement.

WWE must now navigate the aftermath of this incident, particularly given its potential impact on the company’s internal politics and creative direction. The move has sparked a debate about the boundaries between WWE and its former stars, and whether it’s acceptable for a former wrestler to wear a championship belt at an event not affiliated with the company. Only time will tell how this controversy plays out and what its lasting impact will be on the world of professional wrestling.

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