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WWE Superstar’s Long-Term Floundering Needs a Fresh Makeover

Karrion Kross (Via WWE/Twitter)

Disco Inferno, a renowned wrestling pundit, recently opined on Karrion Kross’ lackluster performance in WWE, suggesting that the former NXT champion’s stagnant success can be attributed to a change in his physical appearance. Inferno believes that Kross should revert back to his old NXT look, specifically his bald head, in order to recapture the essence of his character.

Kross’ journey to the main roster was marked by a series of humiliating defeats, which drastically altered the perception of his character. Upon his return to WWE, Kross’ new appearance, complete with hair, failed to evoke the same reaction as his bald-headed NXT persona. Inferno argues that this transformation dampened the character’s impact, making him appear less intimidating and neutering his charm.

Inferno’s proposal is rooted in the idea that Kross’ success in NXT was largely due to his unique appearance, which was a defining characteristic of his character. By abandoning this look, WWE missed an opportunity to capitalize on his existing popularity. As a result, Kross struggled to gain momentum and connect with fans in his subsequent feuds with Drew McIntyre and Rey Mysterio.

Karrion Kross (Via WWE/Twitter)

The lack of success has led Inferno to suggest that Kross should cut his hair and return to his bald-headed look, which would allow him to rediscover the essence of his character and potentially reignite his fan base. Kross’ recent introduction of a new finisher on Friday Night Smackdown may be a step in the right direction, but it remains to be seen whether this change will be enough to propel his character forward.

Ultimately, Inferno’s comments raise an intriguing question: can a change in physical appearance truly make a significant difference in a wrestler’s overall performance? Only time will tell if Kross decides to take Inferno’s advice and revisit his old look, but for now, it seems like a viable solution to reinvigorate his stagnant WWE run.

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