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WWE Superstars yearn for Total Divas to shine again

Carmella (Via WWE/Twitter)

Carmella, a shining star in WWE’s women’s division, is eager to revive the nostalgia of Total Divas, a show that provided fans with an intimate look into the personal lives of WWE Superstars. In a recent Instagram interview with Sweety High, Carmella expressed her desire to revive the show, citing its ability to connect with the female audience and bring a personal touch to their involvement with the WWE.

Carmella believes that the current absence of a show like Total Divas is leaving a void in the WWE, particularly in terms of connecting with their female audience. She feels that the show allowed fans to see beyond the personas and storylines and get to know the Superstars as real people, fostering a deeper connection and understanding. With the WWE’s growing focus on the women’s division, Carmella thinks that a reboot of Total Divas would be a great way to capitalize on this momentum and bring a fresh dynamic to the product.

Carmella’s desire to bring back Total Divas is rooted in her own personal experiences on the show, where she felt that it allowed her to connect with fans on a more meaningful level. As someone who has been in the spotlight for many years, Carmella has a unique perspective on what makes a show like Total Divas so appealing to fans. She believes that the raw, unscripted nature of the show helped to humanize the Superstars and make them more relatable.

Carmella (Via WWE/Twitter)

Carmella’s comments have sparked a renewed interest in the possibility of a Total Divas revival. While there has been no official word from the WWE on the matter, Carmella’s enthusiasm is sure to resonate with fans who have fond memories of the show. With the WWE’s continued focus on the women’s division and the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality programming, it’s possible that we may see a revamped version of Total Divas in the future.

In addition to her desire to bring back Total Divas, Carmella also revealed that she and her partner are planning to have a baby this year. While this is exciting news for fans, it’s unclear whether this will impact her ability to participate in the show, should it return. As we wait with bated breath to see whether Carmella’s wish will come true, we can’t help but wonder what the future may hold for the WWE’s women’s division.

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