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WWE’s Exciting Plans Unfold for Upcoming Raw and Money in the Bank

WWE Star (Via WWE/Twitter)

WWE has a slew of plans for its upcoming Raw episode and Money in the Bank event, and fans are in for a treat as the company starts building momentum towards its annual ladder match. With Money in the Bank set to take place on July 1st in London’s O2 Arena, WWE is expected to start the build-up to the event this week on Raw.

According to reports, WWE has been planning a big celebration for Seth Rollins’ World Heavyweight Championship win, complete with streamers and extra pyro for the Visionary’s segment. This will likely revolve around his title reign and the aftermath of Night of Champions, which is expected to have a significant impact on the WWE terrain.

WWE has also arranged to have Money in the Bank briefcases and ladders on hand for the Raw episode, signaling the start of the build-up for the event. This should result in the iconic briefcases being prominently displayed above the ring for the rest of June, further hyping the match.

Money in the bank (Via WWE/Twitter)

The company has also confirmed that it will be focusing on the women’s Money in the Bank match next week, while this week’s episode will see two new additions to the men’s ladder match. This will add an extra layer of excitement to the event, as fans eagerly await the revealing of the competitors.

As WWE delves into the Money in the Bank build-up, fans can expect a lot more surprises and twists in the coming weeks. With Night of Champions taking center stage this week, the company has the entire month of June to craft an unforgettable narrative for the event.

WWE’s plans for its upcoming Raw episode and Money in the Bank event are already generating significant buzz, and fans are eager to see how the company will shape the storylines and matches in the coming weeks.

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