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WWE’s Highly Anticipated Survivor Series Event Sold Out in Advance

WWE Star (Via WWE/Twitter)

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is gearing up to host its highly anticipated Survivor Series event on November 25th at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, and the venue is expected to be packed to capacity as tickets have already sold out in record time. According to reports, tickets for the event went on sale on July 21st and were completely sold out by October 15th, with a total of 12,928 tickets sold out of the 12,943 available.

As is tradition, the WWE will feature a WarGames match, a WCW-inspired gimmick match that was reintroduced to the main roster last year after being exclusive to NXT for several years. While there is no confirmation on a women’s WarGames match, it is expected that at least one men’s match will take place. The event is expected to kick off the promotion of WarGames in a big way after the Crown Jewel show in Saudi Arabia takes place on November 4th.

In addition to the Survivor Series event, the go-home SmackDown will also take place at the Allstate Arena on the same day. A total of 12,558 tickets have been sold for SmackDown out of the 12,943 available, with 370 tickets still available for resale. Fans who have purchased the 2-day package, which includes access to both SmackDown and Survivor Series, can expect to have a unique experience as they will have access to both events.

WWE RAW (Via WWE/Twitter)

It is worth noting that despite not featuring CM Punk at the event, WWE was able to sell out the Allstate Arena without advertising him. This suggests that the company’s promotion of the event was sufficient to draw in fans without relying on the publicity surrounding CM Punk. As the event approaches, fans can expect a significant build-up, with anticipation building for the Survivor Series event. The question remains whether WWE will be able to deliver on the expectations set by the sold-out crowds and the hype surrounding the event.

WWE’s success in selling out the Allstate Arena without relying on CM Punk’s draw is a testament to the company’s ability to promote an event effectively. The fact that tickets sold out in record time suggests that the event is highly anticipated and that fans are eager to see what the WWE has in store for them. With the event just around the corner, fans are sure to be eagerly anticipating the results of the WarGames match and the other events that will take place.

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