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WWE’s LA Knight: A Hero on a Quest for Greatness

LA Knight and The Rock (Via WWE/Twitter)

LA Knight has had a lot going for him in his WWE career, but he still can’t seem to shake off comparisons to the legendary Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. However, Knight is undeterred and continues to bring his own unique character to the table. In fact, Knight has revealed that he has a bone to pick with The Rock, stemming from their time together on Johnson’s 2013 reality TV series, The Hero.

Knight was a contestant on the show, which was not what he had intended when he joined. He has spoken about the experience, including the moment when he fell victim to The Rock’s iconic “It Doesn’t Matter” catchphrase. Even a decade later, Knight still recalls the moment vividly. When asked if he would welcome the opportunity to engage in a verbal showdown with The Rock, Knight seemed eager. “If such an opportunity arises, we’ve got to incorporate some physicality, don’t we?” he said, adding jokingly, “I don’t mind dropping the Rock on his head!”

LA Knight (Via WWE/Twitter)

Knight’s comments have sparked interest among fans, who may not have realized he was a contestant on The Hero. A clip from the show has been dug up, which shows Knight’s brief but memorable stint. Since joining WWE, Knight’s merchandise sales have skyrocketed, and his catchphrase combination of “YEAH” and “LEMME TALK TO YA” has gone viral. With his popularity on the rise, it will be interesting to see what’s next for LA Knight.

One thing is for certain, however – Knight has already become a hero to many fans, not just for his wrestling abilities but also for his willingness to take risks and speak his mind. His feud with The Rock may be a way to establish himself as a top-tier competitor, but ultimately, it’s his unique personality and charisma that have won over fans. As he continues to climb the ranks of WWE, LA Knight is sure to make his mark on the world of professional wrestling.

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