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WWE’s Social Media Storytelling Potential Untapped

WWE Logo (Via WWE/Twitter)

Cathy Kelley, renowned for her digital exclusive interviews with WWE talent, shed light on the role of social media in WWE’s storytelling efforts during an interview with Ryan Satin on “Out of Character”. Kelley emphasized that social media offers the opportunity to tell additional stories beyond what’s covered in television broadcasts. She mentioned TikTok as a platform with potential for storytelling, highlighting WWE’s effective use of Twitter and social media to create matches and feuds. Kelley noted that while WWE does a great job utilizing these platforms, there is still untapped potential in this area.

Kelley believes that there are many stories that can be told elsewhere, and TikTok seems like an easy avenue to do so. She thinks that stories can start in digital exclusives, which can then transition to television broadcasts. WWE has been increasingly using digital exclusives to tell stories and set up matches for its main shows like RAW, SmackDown, and NXT, expanding the narrative beyond traditional television broadcasts. Kelley pointed out that this approach allows for flexibility and creativity, as WWE can experiment with different storylines and characters without being limited by the constraints of television time.

Cathy Kelley (Via WWE/Twitter)

Kelley’s comments highlight the importance of social media in WWE’s storytelling efforts. By utilizing platforms like TikTok and Twitter, WWE can reach a wider audience and create engaging content that goes beyond traditional television broadcasts. Additionally, digital exclusives allow WWE to explore different storylines and characters, which can enhance the overall narrative and keep fans invested in the product.

WWE’s effective use of social media has been a crucial aspect of its success. The promotion has been able to create matches and feuds that resonate with fans, and digital exclusives have provided an additional way to tell stories and enhance the overall narrative. As the terrain of social media continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how WWE adapts and utilizes these platforms to further its storytelling efforts. Kelley’s comments suggest that WWE’s social media storytelling potential remains untapped, and it will be exciting to see how the promotion explores this area in the future.

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