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WWE’s Underrated Riddick Moss Struggles to Connect

Emma and Madcap Moss (Via WWE/Twitter)

WWE Superstars are given the opportunity to achieve great success, but it’s a combination of factors that ultimately determines their fate. Despite a push that might make sense, factors like a lack of fan interest can heavily influence the outcome. Riddick Moss, who was rebranded as Madcap Moss, has had a tumultuous journey in the WWE, marked by trouble connecting with fans. Despite being a talented athlete, his inability to resonate with the audience has led to a uncertain future.

A creative team member revealed that no one knows what to do with Riddick Moss, citing his unique set of strengths that haven’t quite meshed with fan reception. His past has been marred by injury situations and a lengthy absence from television due to personal family concerns during the pandemic. Moss has been open about his struggles, stating, “I was having a blast. Then COVID came and everything shut down, especially for me with my personal situation with my brother having cystic fibrosis and living with him.”

Madcap Moss (Via WWE/Twitter)

Despite being an active member on the WWE roster, Moss’s last match was on July 17th, where he defeated Tozawa on Main Event. He remains listed as a RAW Superstar on WWE’s roster page, offering a glimmer of hope. However, it’s uncertain when, or if, he’ll receive another opportunity. Emma, his former tag-team partner, has maintained a strong presence on social media, while Moss has showcased his physical prowess with an impressive video.

As Riddick Moss waits for another chance, it’s unclear what the future holds for him. The WWE is known for its unpredictability, and only time will tell if Moss will find a way to connect with fans and turn his career around. For now, he, along with Emma, remain ready to capitalize on any future opportunities that come their way.

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