Where Was Caribbean Summer Filmed?

Caribbean Summer

Caribbean Summer is a comedy-romance film from the United States (2022). The main cast of Caribbean Summer includes Aisha Toussaint, Heather Hemmens, and Ser’Darius Blain (2022). Crown Media Productions produced “Caribbean Summer.” Steven R Monroe directed the summer romance, written by Kelly Bowe and Arlene Gibbs. Here you’ll find all the details related to the movies like Where Was Caribbean Summer Filmed, the plot, and much more.

The Hallmark movie “Caribbean Summer” is a romantic comedy about Jade (Heather Hemmens), a journalist who visits the Caribbean for vacation and becomes a victim of rental fraud. During her travels, she meets the owner, unknown Ford (Ser’Darius Blain), and they embark on a romantic and enjoyable journey.

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Caribbean Summer Movie Plot Details

After an on-air blunder during a broadcast, Jade (Hemmens), a morning news producer, is forced to vacation. When she arrives in the sunny Caribbean, she believes all her worries have vanished. However, she did not anticipate a rocky start when a snafu involving the rented house occurred.

In typical Jade fashion, she can reverse her journey. When she meets the mysterious owner of the house, Ford (Blain), the two fall in love unexpectedly. Just as Jade begins to relax her guard and enjoy everything the island has to offer, her heart and job clash when she learns the truth about Ford.

How will Jade deal with this new information? Will she follow her heart and start a new life with Ford, or will she leave everything behind?

Caribbean Summer Filmed

The Cast Of Caribbean Summer

Heather Hemmens, as Jade, is an American actress famous for her roles in the Netflix comedy, Stop Embarrassing Me and the OWN series, If Loving You is Wrong.

Ser’Darius Blain as Ford is a Haitian- American actor. The actor is famous for his role on the CW’s “charmed.”

Caribbean Summer Filmed

Where Was Caribbean Summer Filmed?

Caribbean Summer was shot in April in Placencia, Belize, Central America. Principal photography began in March 2022 and ended in April 2022, spanning nearly four weeks.

According to IMDb, the majority of the scenes were shot in Placencia. The location is in Belize’s Stann Creek District, and the beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea was captured and used as a backdrop for various scenes. Dana Barnaby, the cinematographer, stated that the shoot was enjoyable.

The cast took to Instagram to share their amazing filming experience with the villagers and learn about their cultures. Previously, the area was known as Placentia, and the southernmost point was Pleasant Point.

Since the early twentieth century, the location has been a popular tourist destination and a filming location for dating reality shows such as Temptation Island.

Most Hallmark films, such as Color My World With Love, Heart of the Matter, Warming Up To You, and others, are shot in Vancouver, but this film features a beautiful island that could only be shot on a Caribbean island. Furthermore, the title denotes the location.


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