Where Was Tommy Boy Filmed?

Tommy Boy

Tommy Boy is one of the most popular classic comedy movies. This movie was released in the year 1995. The cast of this movie is also top-notch, including the late Chris Farley and David Spade. In this article, we will reveal Tommy Boy’s filming location. The director of the movie is Petal Segal. The movie’s plot revolves around a childish adult boy who, by luck, gets into college. He now has to learn how to survive in this college. Unfortunately, his dad dies, making him mature even if he doesn’t want to.

This movie is fun and a delight to watch. Some of you will relate to the main character of the movie. Many comedy movies are exceptional in their way, but Tommy Guy is an exception.

Tommy Boy Filming Location

Tommy Guy is an American film that Petal Segal directed. The filming was done in American Midwest and Canada. Now, in American Midwest and Canada, where was it exactly filmed? In Canada, some shooting was done at the University of Toronto. Also, in St. George Campus in Ontario. However, most of the scenes were shot in Hart House, Brampton, Port Hope, and Ontario.

Talking about America’s locations, the photography was done in Ohio, Sandusky, and Marblehead. Other locations were California, El Mirage, and Dry Lake. In 1994, photography of the film started, and it ended in the same year in December. As the movie has a road trip theme, it had to be filmed in different locations.

Tommy Boy

Tommy Boy Plot

Tommy Callahan, played by Chris Farley, spent seven years of his life in college to get a diploma from the university. He then goes back to his hometown in Ohio. Tommy’s father is an industrial worker. Unfortunately, he dies while attending a wedding reception. The bank promises Tommy to give him a loan for important spending till he finds a new job. But, after his father’s funeral, the bank backs off. Tommy, with his friend Richard, fakes to be a flight attendant so they can get a meeting fixed with Zalinsky.

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However, Tommy fakes to be a suicide bomber and comes in front of the live television crew. Beverly is married to Big Tom. Bog Tom has all the controlling shares. The rightful heir of these controlling shares is Tommy. Beverly thinks so, too, and decides to favor Tommy. Zalinsky has a purchase order belonging to Tommy, and everyone gets saved.

This was all about Tommy Boy filming location. Tommy Boy is a feel-good movie, but at the same time, it is not based on fantasies and stuff but reality. This movie is right for you if you want to watch something full of laughter and emotions.

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