Who Will Play The New Wolverine In MCU?

Wolverine is the only Marvel Character who hasn’t appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe despite being one of the most popular Marvel Comics characters. This has always been uncanny for fans, and we have long awaited his appearance in the MCU. Recently, a controversial interview with Taron Egerton went viral on the internet. Since then, fans have been curious about who will play the new Wolverine and when MCU will launch X-Men characters.

Wolverine: X-Men Origins

Wolverine is one of the X-Men series’ most famous and loved characters. Originally played by Hugh Jackman, Wolverine entered the storyline of X-Men through “X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)”. This was the first part of the trilogy and the fourth movie in the X-Men series. The movie follows a story that dates back to 1845. When James Logan (our hero, referred to as Logan) witnesses his father’s murder, his mutation activates.

Wolverine’s Superpower Comes From His Mutation

He manages to create sharp bone claws from his knuckle and ruthlessly kills the murderer. He was also blessed with self-healing ability. After that, James and his half-brother Victor Creed, who also had a similar mutation, became refugees. As grown-ups, they became soldiers and fought in both the American Civil War and the Vietnam War. In an experiment, the main villain replaces Logan’s bone skeleton with a rare strong metal – Adamantium.

This converted logan into an indestructible weapon as the metal was indestructible. Luckily, he meets our cutest Charles Xavier, a father of all the mutants and the Professor of the School For Gifted. He changes the direction of life for Logan, and then the story continues in three sequel movies with our super-powerful hero.

New Wolverine On Demand

We have waited for Wolverine to appear in MCU for the longest time, yet MCU has kept delaying this repeatedly. It is possible that MCU is not allowed to announce Wolverine until certain contracts end. This might push our wait to approximately 2025.

Marvel Cinematic Universe repeatedly serves fans with back-to-back web series that they took directly from the comic books. After Infinity Wars: Endgame, MCU has produced various dramas from “Wanda Vision” to “She-Hulk.” In addition, the recent movies “Thor: Love and Thunder” and “Dr. Strange In The Madness Of Multiverse” were thrilling to watch. As MCU transitions into the multiverse and introduces new dimensions of powers in Ms. Marvel, social media is hyped about collaborations with X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool. They even announced launching Fantastic Four in their upcoming projects.

Rumors About Taron and Scott As Wolverine

In an interview with The New York Times, Rocketman fame star Taron Egerton commented that he would be honored if he gets to play the role of an MCU superhero. Later, he also expressed his keen interest in the X-Men character Wolverine. Fans immediately started connecting the dots, and the rumors about Taron playing the new Wolverine spread like a forest fire. But Taron very firmly discarded these rumors saying that he doubts his personality fits with the role of Hugh as Wolverine.

A recent video posted by Scott Eastwood created a spur of excitement in all Marvel fans. Scott was seen sharpening his Wolverine claws, and we predict this will probably be our final guess.

How Will X-Men Enter MCU?

MCU has been leaving Easter Eggs (clues for the marvel fanbase) for X-Men entering MCU in all its recent content. First, there were clues in Dr. Strange: Madness of Multiverse. Later, we found clear signs in all episodes of  Ms. Marvel. Watching the first episode, many people believed that Kamala’s powers came from some mutations. But as the show progressed, opinions changed. Yet we found clues that indicate that X-Men will soon appear in MCU—raising the question about who would be cast as the most important X-Men character, the Wolverine.

Eventually, whoever plays the role, will need to compete with Jackman and his brilliant performance. We don’t want someone to ruin our impression of Logan. Thus, MCU producers better be careful about their choices.