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A dog assisted in the rescue of its owner following a car accident in a remote and steep ravine in Oregon

Officers aid in rescuing the vehicle (Via Baker County Sherrif Office)

A dog played a crucial role in helping its owner after a car accident in a steep ravine in northeastern Oregon’s mountainous area, according to authorities.

The incident occurred on June 2 when a man was driving with his four dogs along a remote U.S. Forest Service road. His vehicle crashed into a ravine below, as reported by the Baker County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook.

One of the dogs traveled nearly four miles to the campsite where the man was staying with his family. This alerted them that something was wrong, the sheriff’s office said.

The following day, his family located the car but couldn’t reach it due to the rugged terrain. They called 911, and when authorities arrived, they heard the man calling for help about 100 yards away from the vehicle. He had managed to crawl out after the crash, the sheriff’s office explained.

A vehicle is seen after it went into an embarkment (Via Baker County Sherrif Office)

U.S. Forest Service workers used chainsaws to clear a path through thick vegetation for the search and rescue teams. They set up a complex rope system across the ravine to reach the man.

Photos shared by the sheriff’s office showed rescuers using the ropes as a pulley system to transport the man safely across the ravine, where a stream was flowing below.

The man was airlifted to a nearby hospital, and authorities confirmed that his other three dogs were found alive at the crash site.

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