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A new comprehensive plan from Biden could potentially grant US citizenship to up to 500,000 immigrants in the future

Joe Biden speaks during an event (Via Paul Buffet/Shutterstock)

President Joe Biden took significant action on Tuesday to potentially grant citizenship to hundreds of thousands of immigrants without legal status in the U.S. This move comes amidst his administration’s recent tough stance on the southern border, which has drawn criticism from advocates and many Democratic lawmakers.

Biden announced that his administration will soon allow certain spouses of U.S. citizens who lack legal status to apply for permanent residency and eventually citizenship without needing to leave the country first. Senior administration officials estimate that this action could impact over 500,000 immigrants.

Speaking from a crowded East Room at the White House, Biden emphasized the enduring symbol of the Statue of Liberty and its representation of America’s identity.

Joe Biden at a press conference (Via Paul Buffet/Shutterstock)

He also rejected the notion that securing the border requires abandoning America’s tradition of embracing immigration, calling such choices false.

This action by Biden marks the most extensive federal protection for immigrants in more than ten years and sets up a stark political contrast with presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. Trump has taken a tough stance on immigration, advocating for mass deportations and portraying migrants as dangerous criminals harming America.

Biden criticized his predecessor for exploiting fears about immigrants, particularly condemning policies like the zero-tolerance approach at the southern border that resulted in family separations. In response, Trump has defended his policies and promised to revoke Biden’s immigration plan if reelected, declaring it an illegal amnesty.

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