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A Republican organization starts a $50 million campaign against Trump

Protestors on the streets (Via Reid Smith/Getty Images)

A group of Republicans who don’t support Trump is starting a $50 million campaign to persuade people not to vote for him.
Republican Voters Against Trump is doing this by sharing 100 videos of former Trump supporters explaining why they don’t support him anymore.

Sarah Longwell, who leads the campaign, says it’s important to talk to traditional Republican voters who have worries about Trump.
She wants to bring back the anti-Trump group that was important in the 2020 election for the next one in 2024.

This campaign is like one they did in 2020, which got more than a thousand videos from unhappy Republicans. Longwell says these videos show real feelings, and it’s important for unhappy Republicans to speak up.

They’ve already raised $20 million for the 2024 campaign, and Longwell wants to get $30 million more before the November election.

Campaign aims to sway Republicans (Via John Hoffman/Shutterstock)

Some rich people who don’t like Trump, like Reid Hoffman and John Pritzker, have given a lot of money.

Many of the videos talk about how the Capitol riot on January 6 changed their minds about Trump. People like Ethan from Wisconsin and Chuck from Nebraska say they were shocked and angry about Trump’s part in the violence.

Even though they used to support the Republican Party, these former Trump supporters are now open to voting for Democrat Joe Biden instead of Trump. They say Trump’s actions and what happened on January 6 made them leave the Republican Party.

Longwell thinks these former Republicans could decide who wins the 2024 election. She says Trump is too dangerous and unstable to be president and wants to use former Trump supporters to tell people that.

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