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Apple is confronting fresh consumer lawsuits amidst increased scrutiny over antitrust issues

Apple Nasdaq company (Via Shaun Biden/Getty Images)

Amid increased scrutiny for possible antitrust violations, Apple is dealing with a wave of lawsuits from consumers who claim the company monopolizes the smartphone market.

Since Friday, three proposed class action lawsuits have been filed in federal courts in California and New Jersey. These lawsuits allege that Apple artificially raised prices by using anti-competitive tactics.

The accusations in these lawsuits mirror claims made by the U.S. Justice Department and 15 states. They accuse Apple of hindering competition in smartphone technology, such as messaging apps and digital wallets.

Apple denies the government’s antitrust allegations and has not yet commented on the recent consumer lawsuits.

Steve Berman, an attorney representing one of the cases, expressed satisfaction that their approach aligns with the Justice Department’s stance. Other attorneys involved in the lawsuits have not provided comments, but the legal environment indicates an escalating conflict for Apple.

Apple finds itself embroiled in a barrage of fresh consumer lawsuits (Via Craig Smith/Getty Images)

These new legal challenges compound Apple’s existing courtroom battles, including a class action lawsuit alleging it monopolized the iPhone app market. Despite Apple’s denial, a judge ruled in February that the class action could proceed.

This legal clash follows past settlements between Apple and Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro, highlighting ongoing scrutiny over Apple’s business practices.

Amid this legal turmoil, a 2022 study suggests that private antitrust class actions could potentially be more effective than government cases in uncovering misconduct and securing compensation for affected parties.

As Apple faces mounting legal pressure, the outcomes of these lawsuits could profoundly impact the tech giant and the broader smartphone industry.

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