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As artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent in workplaces, states are working to ensure that workers are not overlooked or disadvantaged

Students tries to check out the computer (Via Renne Finch/Getty Images)

With the increasing reliance on generative artificial intelligence in many future jobs, states are striving to assist workers in enhancing their technological skills before they become outdated and potentially surpassed by increasingly intelligent machines.

Connecticut is taking steps to establish what could be the first Citizens AI Academy in the nation. This initiative aims to offer a free online collection of curated courses where individuals can learn essential skills or earn certificates necessary for employment.

“This field is evolving rapidly,” explained Democratic State Senator James Maroney. “It’s crucial for all of us to identify the best resources to stay updated, upgrade our skills, and find trustworthy sources.”

For state legislators, determining which skills are essential in an AI-driven world presents challenges due to the swiftly advancing technology and differing viewpoints on the best approach.

Richie Hull explains the presentations (Via Renne Finch/Getty Images)

Gregory LaBlanc, a professor at Berkeley Law School, suggests that rather than focusing on how AI operates, workers should be taught how to utilize and manage generative AI effectively. He believes computers will soon excel in tasks previously handled by humans.

“We should emphasize skills that complement AI, rather than trying to mimic it poorly,” he emphasized. “It’s crucial to identify areas where AI lacks proficiency, such as creativity, empathy, and complex problem-solving.”

Reflecting on historical advancements like electricity, LaBlanc noted that widespread understanding of new technologies has not always been necessary for success.

“When electricity emerged, we didn’t require everyone to become electrical engineers,” he pointed out.

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