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Democrats aimed to reach an agreement on the use of artificial intelligence, but the effort stalled with no outcome

Troy Downing files for candidacy (Via Benjamin Walsh/Shutterstock)

Earlier this year, the Democratic National Committee observed as political campaigns across the country experimented with artificial intelligence. In response, the DNC approached several influential party campaign committees with a proposal: Agree to guidelines that would ensure responsible use of AI technology.

A draft of the agreement, obtained by The Associated Press, focused on basic principles. It called for campaigns to verify AI-generated work, prevent biases, and avoid using AI to create misleading content.

“Our aim is to use this new technology effectively and ethically, in a way that promotes our campaign values,” the draft stated.

However, the proposal did not gain traction. Instead of fostering agreement, it sparked debate within Democratic campaign circles. Some worried that committing to such guidelines could restrict their use of AI and deter donations from supporters in the AI industry. Others were frustrated by the short timeframe given by the DNC to accept the guidelines.

Senny Rehberg (Via Brook Lanning)

The failure of the proposal highlighted internal disagreements over campaign strategies and uncertainty within the party about how best to harness AI. Experts have warned that AI technology could amplify the spread of misinformation, adding urgency to the debate.

Hannah Muldavin, a senior spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee, emphasized that despite the setback, the DNC remains committed to seeking consensus.

“We will continue to engage with our fellow committees to discuss important issues for Democratic campaigns and American voters, including AI,” Muldavin said. She noted that discussions on this topic are ongoing and reflect early stages of exploration.

Muldavin added, “The DNC and our partners recognize the significant opportunities and challenges posed by AI and take them seriously.”

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