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Eddie Hearn supports Conor McGregor’s comeback to the Octagon

Eddie Hearn answers media questions (Via Tim Green/Shutterstock)

Eddie Hearn really wants Conor McGregor to come back to the octagon. He’s known for being great at promoting fights in sports like boxing. He’s worked with many boxing stars and organized some really big events lately.

McGregor is different because he’s so famous—he’s a big name in the UFC and has made a lot of money from pay-per-view fights. Everyone knows him around the world.

Hearn has been friendly with McGregor for a while now, and he’s excited to see him fight again after he got better from a bad leg injury last summer.

But there’s been a delay, probably because both sides are taking a long time to agree on things. Hearn has a simple message for McGregor’s boss, Dana White: pay McGregor what he wants.

He said on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani that sometimes you have to give in to the fighters’ demands for the sake of the sport and business. He mentioned that even if he could make more money from smaller events, it’s important to think about the bigger picture for the sport and his own reputation.

Eddie Hearn with Conor McGregor (Via James Little/Shutterstock)

“Sometimes, you have to make sacrifices to succeed,” he said firmly. “If it were my decision—though it’s not, and Dana doesn’t need my advice—but I’d definitely bring McGregor back, no matter the cost. He brings so much excitement and energy to the UFC that no one else can match.

When he comes back, everything gets bigger—the press conferences, the buildup, the value of the business, the viewership, the pay-per-view sales—they all go through the roof.”

Hearn acknowledges that negotiating with big-name athletes can be tough, with lots of back-and-forth, but he stresses that making a deal is good for everyone, especially the fans who make it all possible.

“Dealing with Conor can be challenging, that’s for sure. He’s a legend, great at promoting himself,” Hearn confessed. “But his impact on the UFC is huge. Sometimes, with big companies, negotiations can be tough.

‘This is the offer,’ they say. It was similar with Ngannou. ‘Take it or leave it. This is your chance. You won’t get a better one.’ And he took it… he got what he wanted. But for Conor, whatever it takes, I’ll bring him back because he has a special talent, and he knows it.”

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