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Fan Enters WWE Ring in An Effort to Confront Grayson Waller

Grayson Waller (Credits: WWE)

WWE’s Grayson Waller is exceptionally skilled at running his mouth and drawing attention with his words. This talent has reportedly (and logically) increased his stock with management, leading to some high-profile interactions both online and in the ring.

At a house show in Newark, Delaware’s Bob Carpenter Center on December 3, Waller’s antics led to a fan making a poor decision.

Footage from after Waller and Austin Theory’s match with Odyssey Jones and Cameron Grimes is making the rounds online.

Grayson Waller (Credits: WWE)

In it, you can see security restraining a man on the wrong side of the barricade as Waller and his partner strut by. The fan is then dumped back over the guard rail and escorted away, presumably out of the building.

PWInsider reports that the audience member was “trying to get to Grayson Waller after being the subject of Waller’s mic work.”

Waller’s Instagram Story currently features a clip of him roasting the fan, saying he “has his hat on backwards but thinks it’s forwards” and telling him to “do something” as he’s “like 14 pounds.”

Grayson Waller (Credits: WWE)

These kinds of incidents have led to some frightening scenes in the past, so kudos to security for quickly and safely handling this instance of bad fan behavior.

And since everyone is okay, it’s also fair to wonder if this doesn’t solidify Waller as one of WWE’s top heels. People may love to boo Dominik Mysterio and chant expletives at Roman Reigns, but the Aussie has them turning works into shoots.

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