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Intel’s $100 billion investment ignites a semiconductor renaissance

CEO Pat Gelsinger talks to the media (Via Joel Castle/Shutterstock)

Intel made a big announcement about investing $100 billion in four U.S. states. They got $19.5 billion from the government and are hoping for $25 billion in tax breaks.

CEO Pat Gelsinger shared plans to build the biggest AI chip factory in Columbus, Ohio, by 2027. This move is huge for Intel and puts them ahead in making advanced chips.

The CHIPS Act, a government program for chip innovation, gave Intel money, which made investors happy. Intel’s stock went up by 4%.

Their plan is not just about Ohio; they want to upgrade factories in New Mexico and Oregon and grow in Arizona too.

This investment is not just about money; it’s about Intel getting back on top. They lost to rivals like TSMC, but now they’re ready to lead again.

Intel’s $100 billion investment aims at semiconductor dominance (Via James Stiller/Getty Images)

Gelsinger’s big goal is to use government help to boost Intel’s manufacturing and make better chips.

Most of the money will go into building and buying new equipment to make chips. Intel hopes the Ohio factory will start making chips by 2027 or 2028, depending on how things go. They plan to use their own money for most purchases, even with government help.

Experts say Intel needs to stay strong to compete globally. They’re a key player in America’s chip plans, with lots of jobs and a vital supply chain.

As Intel moves ahead, this investment shows America’s strength in tech, making it a top player worldwide.

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