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Jey Uso Reveals His Choice to Compete Against Roman Reigns

Jey Uso (Credits: WWE)

Jey Uso has been front and center on the interview circuit this week, continuing his media tour after a lively appearance on The Bump by engaging with Alex McCarthy.

Although Jey has moved on from Bloodline business since his transfer to Raw after leaving the faction, he still hopes to see the Universal championship remain within the family.

When asked by McCarthy who he believes could end his cousin Roman Reigns’ historic title reign, Uso expressed his preference:

“I’d like to keep it in the family. I think Solo could be the next Tribal Chief but he’s got a little growing to do.”

Not mentioning his twin brother to McCarthy was intentional, especially after his recent remark on The Bump: “Jimmy gonna get this work.

You got an ass-whooping coming to you, Uce. Trust me.” Despite acknowledging that younger brother Solo Sikoa may not be quite ready, Uso praised him as a “top performer” who understands the business and absorbs knowledge “like a sponge.”

So, who else might have a shot? According to Jey:

“But who knows? Maybe Sami Zayn could come back into it?”

Roman Reigns (Credits: WWE)

Addressing critics who doubt Zayn’s ability to dethrone Reigns, Jey defended his admiration for the wrestler:

“Sami is actually one of the top performers. Besides maybe The Miz, Sami is my favorite wrestler. If you pay attention to all of his promos and the way he acts, backstage, he’s top-tier man. I like to think my acting skills are alright, he’s crisp. He’s it.”

As for the man Jey dubbed “Tribal Chief status” on The Bump, he clarified to McCarthy that CM Punk might not be ready for Reigns:

“Hell yeah, the Tribal Chief is ready to put anybody and everybody down, man. CM Punk might find out just like the rest did. It’s different when you get in there with the Tribal Chief.”

While expressing willingness to give Punk a chance against the man who almost became Tribal Chief at SummerSlam if not for interference from his brother, Jey also commended WWE for bringing Punk back:

“In my mind, CM Punk is just a star. People are going to talk about him, so hell yeah he comes back. That’s what WWE is, no matter what we’re going to please the fans and make money – why wouldn’t you bring him in?

“I like the guy, man. He was here ten years ago and there was never any beef. If you’re in this profession, you have to have hard skin and be able to take critique well.

You can’t get hot about any of this. So CM Punk is invited to my house, it’s all love. Let’s line it up. I’ll do an angle with CM Punk — I’m ready. I’m glad he’s back. Last time he was here I had paint on my face, I’m a different Jey Uso these days.”

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