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Jey Uso’s Trademark Yeet Merchandise No Longer Present on WWE Shop

Jey Uso's Trademark Yeet Merchandise (Credits: WWE)

As he sits somewhere on the Island of Relevancy, Roman Reigns must be a jovial Tribal Chief. That’s because he’ll no longer have to endure Bloodline traitor Jey Uso’s favorite phrase moving forward.

Various outlets reported earlier this week that WWE has encountered trademark issues with the word “Yeet,” leading to the decision that merchandising and use related to Uso’s popular rallying cry will no longer be associated with him in the future.

A scan of currently shows no merchandise for Uso featuring the phrase “Yeet,” nor does a search on the site yield any results. During the Dec. 4 edition of Raw, a Jey Uso vignette package aired with his t-shirt featuring the word blurred out.

Jey Uso’s Trademark Yeet Merchandise (Credits: WWE)

In 2021, independent pro wrestler Kasey Huffman filed to trademark “Yeet” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for entertainment services related to pro wrestling.

Considering how popular Uso has made the term in recent months, it will be interesting to see if WWE works out a deal with Huffman that benefits all parties involved.

For those who don’t know, “yeet,” as an interjection, according to Merriam-Webster, is a slang expression used to “express surprise, approval, or excited enthusiasm.” As a verb, it means “to throw especially with force and without regard for the thing being thrown.”

It seems this trademark issue has yeeted Uso and WWE for a loop. For now, the Yeet Movement, at least for Jey Uso, is dead. No yeet, indeed.

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