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Kevin Durant Not to Play for Nets for Another 2 Weeks Recovering from MCL Sprain

Kevin Durant (Photo: NBA)

Kevin Durant expressed his desire to participate in the upcoming All-Star Game, but emphasized that he won’t rush his recovery from a MCL sprain if it jeopardizes his long-term health.

“I want to play tomorrow if I can,” Durant stated, his first public comments since sustaining the injury earlier this month. “That’s how eager I am. But I don’t want to rush anything. I want to ensure I’m fully recovered. Yet, I definitely want to be involved in all these events.”

Durant, who last played for the Golden State Warriors three years ago, regretted missing the opportunity to return to his former home. He reflected on the injury-causing incident and wondered if he could have taken a different approach to avoid the collision.

“That play, I should have doubled instead of clearing out slowly,” Durant remarked, analyzing the sequence where Miami Heat’s Jimmy Butler inadvertently collided with him. “I should have run to double-team and assist Seth [Curry], which might have prevented the injury.”

Acknowledging the unavoidable nature of the injury, Durant and the Brooklyn Nets are now grappling with its consequences.

Despite missing key games, Durant has maintained a positive outlook on his rehabilitation progress. He opted not to attend the Nets’ matchup against the Philadelphia 76ers to focus on his recovery routine and avoid disrupting his rehabilitation rhythm.

Durant’s absence has posed challenges for the Nets, who recently faced a series of games without their star player. However, Durant remains optimistic about the team’s performance and growth despite the setbacks.

Kevin Durant (Photo: NBA)

“Every injury is tough,” Durant commented. “It’s always challenging when a key player is sidelined, and we have to adjust on the fly. It took us a few games to adapt, but we managed to maintain a good record. It was a necessary learning experience.”

Having experienced injury setbacks throughout his tenure with the Nets, including a season-long absence due to an Achilles injury, Durant remains focused on his recovery and eventual return to the court.

“Yeah,” Durant acknowledged, reflecting on the frustration of missing significant games and milestones. “It’s disappointing to miss playing against former teammates, potential games against LeBron [James], and potentially another All-Star Game. But injuries are part of the game.”

As the Nets prepare for upcoming challenges, including facing Simmons and the 76ers, coach Jacque Vaughn emphasized Simmons’ evolving role and growth within the team’s strategy.

“We’re asking Ben [Simmons] to expand his game,” Vaughn remarked. “He’s comfortable with the ball, but we’re challenging him to contribute more in various facets. He’s making strides, and we see potential for further development.”

Durant’s recovery progress remains a focal point for the Nets as they navigate through a demanding season schedule without their star player.

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