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Maryland’s governor calls for bipartisan cooperation to rebuild the bridge

Political optimism wanes as challenges mount in bridge reconstruction (Via John Guetta/Shutterstock)

Maryland Governor Wes Moore has urged both political parties to work together to secure federal funding for rebuilding the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore’s harbor.

The bridge fell early on Tuesday morning, leading to the deaths of six workers after a cargo ship lost power and hit a support pillar. This collision caused a large section of the bridge to fall into the Patapsco River, blocking the shipping route of the Port of Baltimore. This port is crucial for importing and exporting vehicles, farm equipment, and construction machinery in the U.S.

The Biden administration quickly provided $60 million in emergency aid to help clean up debris and reopen the port, which employs about 15,000 people who depend on its daily operations. However, the total cost of rebuilding the bridge is estimated to surpass $2 billion, presenting a significant financial challenge.

Governor Moore stressed the importance of bipartisan cooperation in Congress to speed up funding allocation.

Biden administration allocates $60 million for bridge cleanup (Via Jeremy Kent/Getty Images)

He emphasized that rebuilding the bridge isn’t just important for Maryland but also for the entire U.S. economy, given the vital role of the Port of Baltimore.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg expressed confidence that Congress would approve the needed funds, noting the bipartisan nature of infrastructure projects and emergency responses. Despite political differences, Buttigieg remained hopeful that lawmakers would prioritize the reconstruction following the tragic event.

Efforts to clear debris from the collapsed bridge began immediately, with officials working hard to minimize disruption to marine traffic and establish alternative routes for essential vessels. However, challenging conditions and logistical issues have slowed progress, delaying the port’s reopening and the start of bridge reconstruction.

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