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Navarro is asking the Supreme Court to give him relief from his prison sentence

Comparison drawn to Bannon case as Navarro seeks relief (Via Walter Green/Getty Images)

Peter Navarro, a former advisor to Trump, is urgently asking the Supreme Court to delay his upcoming four-month prison sentence for not obeying Congress.

His sentence is supposed to start on March 19. Navarro wants to stay out of prison while he tries to overturn his conviction. He was found guilty for ignoring a subpoena from a House committee looking into the January 6 Capitol attack.

Navarro’s lawyers say he won’t try to run away and there are big legal questions about his case that need to be looked at during the appeal. They say if Navarro wins his appeal, he might not have to go to prison or he might get a new trial.

Even though similar appeals were rejected before, Navarro is still trying. The DC Circuit Court of Appeals said no to Navarro’s request because they didn’t think he had good enough reasons to stay out of prison while waiting for his appeal.

Navarro fights contempt conviction (Via Pablo Navarro/Shutterstock)

Navarro’s situation is similar to Steve Bannon’s. Bannon, another Trump supporter, got the same sentence for not obeying Congress. But Bannon didn’t have to go to prison while he was waiting for his appeal, unlike Navarro.

Navarro’s main argument is that he didn’t get to say he had executive privilege during his trial. He thinks if he can prove this was wrong during his appeal, it could change his case a lot.

The Supreme Court wants to hear what the prosecutors say about Navarro’s request by Monday. We don’t know yet what will happen. This legal fight shows how tense and complicated things are as people involved in the Capitol attack investigation try to avoid going to prison.

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