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New Brighton Manager Hurzeler Claims, “I Am the Grounded One”

(Photo: Fabian Hurzeler/Twitter)

New Brighton manager Fabian Hurzeler, 31, has embraced his role as the youngest permanent head coach in the Premier League, describing himself as “the grounded one” and a “friendly authority.”

He succeeds Roberto De Zerbi and aims to maintain his previous successful methods, which led St Pauli to the Bundesliga II title.

(Photo: Fabian Hurzeler/Twitter)

In his first statement, Hurzeler emphasized his commitment and philosophy, rather than focusing on his youth. “This job is a huge challenge that requires both courage and humility,” he said.

“If I didn’t believe in my team’s potential, I wouldn’t take this on. I see myself as a friendly authority. My passion for football drives me to inspire my players with innovative ideas. I’m here to learn and grow, not to become complacent.”

Hurzeler’s introduction lacked the flair of Jose Mourinho’s famous “Special One” debut at Chelsea and was more akin to Jurgen Klopp’s self-styled “Normal One” at Liverpool. He stressed the importance of staying humble and focused on the task ahead.

Brighton’s choice of such a young manager aligns with the club’s forward-thinking ethos. While Hurzeler’s approach may differ from De Zerbi’s confrontational style, he recognizes the value of the data-driven model that has brought Brighton success under owner Tony Bloom.

“We consider data crucial in top-level sports,” Bloom noted. “Having a head coach who appreciates the importance of data in recruitment, medical decisions, and all in all strategy is vital.”

Hurzeler echoed this sentiment, expressing his appreciation for Brighton’s analytical approach. “I admire the club’s DNA and its data-centric strategy,” he said. “I am committed to playing with courage and ambition. My goal is to achieve major milestones and challenge the status quo.”

Bloom remains optimistic about Brighton’s future under Hurzeler, aiming for consistent top-10 finishes and a return to European competition after their Europa League round of 16 exit last season.

“This appointment isn’t a gamble,” Bloom asserted. “We thoroughly vetted our options, and Hurzeler was the best, least risky choice available.”

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