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No Labels Withdraws Third-Party Presidential Bid for the 2024 Election

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. talks to media (Via Joyner Hazelwood/Getty Images)

The centrist organization No Labels, known for considering a third-party presidential bid, has officially announced it won’t participate in the 2024 election.

Founder and CEO Nancy Jacobson confirmed this, explaining there were no suitable candidates capable of winning the White House.

Jacobson said, “No Labels is ending our effort to propose a Unity ticket in the 2024 presidential election,” stressing their focus on backing candidates with a real chance of winning.

Despite approaching potential candidates like Chris Christie, Nikki Haley, Larry Hogan, and Senator Joe Manchin, the group couldn’t find nominees they considered appropriate.

Concerns among Democrats have emerged over Senator Joe Manchin possibly running, fearing it might split the Democratic vote and help Donald Trump get reelected.

No Labels scrap 2024 (Via Logan West/Getty Images)

There are also worries about Robert F. Kennedy Jr. entering the race, with family members like his sister Rory Kennedy concerned his candidacy could draw votes away from Biden and inadvertently benefit Trump.

While No Labels is withdrawing from a third-party challenge, Democrats are still anxious about the potential impact of third-party candidates on the election.

The decision highlights the difficulty of finding a candidate who can appeal broadly and compete effectively against major party nominees. It also shows recognition of the challenges and risks of launching a third-party campaign in today’s highly divided political climate.

Despite this decision, uncertainties remain as the 2024 election approaches, with Democrats cautious of spoilers and their potential influence on the outcome.

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