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One year after the Titan’s tragic descent, deep-sea explorers pledge to continue uncovering the mysteries of the ocean

Debris from the Titan submersible (Via Paul Buffet/Shutterstock)

The tragic loss of an experimental underwater vehicle on its way to the Titanic’s resting place last June hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm for exploring the ocean further, despite ongoing questions about the accident.

This Tuesday marks one year since the Titan disappeared while heading towards the historic wreckage site in the North Atlantic Ocean. Following a five-day search that gained global attention, authorities confirmed the submersible was destroyed and all five crew members perished.

Concerns have been raised about the Titan’s fate due to its unconventional design and the creator’s reluctance to undergo independent checks typically required in the industry.

The U.S. Coast Guard promptly launched a thorough investigation into the incident, although the process is taking longer than expected, with a public hearing on the findings delayed for at least two months.

The Titan launch barge is moved to the Coast Guard yard (Via Paul Buffet/Shutterstock)

Despite this setback, deep-sea exploration continues. A company based in Georgia, which holds salvage rights to the Titanic, plans to use remotely operated vehicles to visit the sunken ship in July. Additionally, a billionaire from Ohio intends to personally explore the wreck in a two-person submersible by 2026.

The Titan sank southeast of Newfoundland. The Transportation Safety Board of Canada noted on Monday that several submersibles operate in Canadian waters, including some that aren’t registered with Canada or any other country.

Many ocean explorers interviewed by The Associated Press expressed confidence in the safety of undersea exploration in the aftermath of the Titan incident.

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