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Prosecutors focused the first day of testimony in Hunter Biden’s gun trial on outlining his history of drug issues

Hunter Biden leaves from federal court (Via Katherine West/Shutterstock)

Federal prosecutors portrayed President Joe Biden’s son Hunter as deceitful and struggling with addiction, depicting him as someone whose substance abuse issues affected his loved ones. They argued that Hunter knew he was lying when he filled out a federal form to buy a gun in 2018.

During the trial’s first day, jurors saw the document central to the case. Hunter Biden’s lawyer countered by stating that Hunter did not believe he was addicted when he stated on the form that he did not have a drug problem. The defense emphasized that during the brief time, Hunter possessed the gun, he did not use it and it was never loaded.

“You will see that he is innocent,” attorney Abbe Lowell asserted.

Hunter Biden faces three felony charges related to the Colt revolver purchase, a period when, according to his own account in his memoir, he struggled with crack addiction. The charges include lying to a licensed gun dealer, falsely claiming on the application that he was not a drug user, and possessing the gun unlawfully for 11 days.

The trial’s proceedings evoked difficult memories for the president and his family, revealing personal details about their battles with addiction, particularly poignant with the 2024 election approaching. First Lady Jill Biden observed from the courtroom’s front row for part of the day.

Hunter Biden and Melissa Cohen Biden (Via Katherine West/Shutterstock)

Jurors were informed they would hear from the president’s brother James Biden, who has supported Hunter through rehab efforts in the past. Testimony will also include details about Hallie Biden, the widow of the president’s late son Beau, who also struggled with crack addiction during a brief relationship with Hunter.

Hallie took the gun from Hunter and discarded it in a nearby market, fearing what he might do with it. The firearm was later found by someone collecting cans and eventually handed over to the police.

President Biden remained in Washington on Tuesday, focusing on immigration issues and hosting a picnic for congressional leaders before departing for France later in the day. He will be away for the remainder of the week, with Jill Biden planning to join him in Europe.

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