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Shawn Michaels Suggests that Lexis King Needs NXT Structure to Shine

Shawn Michaels (Credits: WWE)

When discussing former AEW wrestlers transitioning into WWE’s developmental system, much of the spotlight typically shines on Jade Cargill.

However, several months before Triple H and his team signed the former TBS champion, they also brought in AEW original Brian Pillman Jr. after his contract with Tony Khan expired.

Pillman’s arrival didn’t generate the same fanfare as Cargill’s, but since being rebranded as “Lexis King,” he has been prominently featured in one of NXT’s major storylines.

This has culminated in his first match at a WWE premium live event against former NXT champion Carmelo Hayes at Deadline on November 9 in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Lexis King at WWE NXT (Credits: WWE)

Discussing the decision to place King in a significant role, NXT leadership highlighted how Pillman was not receiving what he needed during his time at AEW:

“As you mentioned, tossing him in the deep end, and we’ve been doing that since day one. Look, I’ll say this, I think he’s been doing a great job. I think he understands he’s gotten tossed in.

He’s been doing everything he can, he’s been working well with us. He asks a lot of questions, he’s a hungry kid, and he’s somebody that’s adapted and adjusted to the structure that we have in NXT in a real positive way.

I think he’s somebody that will be a prime example of what NXT can do for you because he’s somebody that did need that structure.”

While this statement from NXT leadership is less direct compared to Triple H’s previous remarks about Cargill’s readiness post-Survivor Series, it nonetheless conveys a similar sentiment to young talents considering their career options between WWE and AEW.

Ultimately, the proof of King’s development will be seen on-screen. His performance at Deadline on Peacock tonight will be crucial in further proving NXT’s developmental impact.

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