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The EU has initiated an antitrust investigation into major technology giants

Investigation raises concerns about anti-competitive practices (Via Iris Shah/Shutterstock)

The European Union has started looking into whether tech giants Apple, Google, and Meta Platforms are following the rules set out in the new Digital Markets Act (DMA). This law, which took effect on March 7, aims to make it easier for people to switch between different online services and create a more competitive digital environment.

Under the DMA, companies identified as “gatekeepers” like search engines and app stores must offer users and competitors more choices. Violations could lead to fines of up to 10% of a company’s global annual revenue.

The investigation is focusing on whether these companies are meeting their obligations under the DMA. This includes making it simple for users to uninstall apps, change settings, and use alternative browsers or search engines.

Regulators are worried about potential unfair practices, such as giving preference to their own services over competitors and placing restrictions on app developers.

Tech giants face scrutiny over compliance with EU (Via Ben Jones/Getty Images)

For example, Apple is being questioned about how its iOS operating system follows DMA rules. There are concerns about whether Apple prevents app developers from informing users about offers outside of its App Store.

Similarly, Google’s dominance in search engines and Meta’s control over social media platforms are also being reviewed for possible anti-competitive behavior.

The European Commission has also raised concerns about Apple and Google’s fees, suggesting they go against the DMA’s requirement for some services to be free.

Meta’s subscription-based model, which offers an ad-free experience, has also attracted regulatory scrutiny.

These investigations show the EU’s commitment to ensuring fair competition and choices for consumers in the digital market. As the investigations continue, these tech giants will need to show they are following the DMA rules or face penalties.

Apple, Google, and Meta have said they are confident they are following the rules and are willing to work with regulators. However, it’s unclear what will happen next as the EU tries to enforce its rules on competition rigorously.

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