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The governor of South Carolina has approved a law prohibiting gender-affirming medical treatments for transgender youth

Brent Cox and Josh Malkin (Via Alex Hazelwood/Getty Images)

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster signed a new law this week that stops doctors from providing certain medical treatments to transgender minors.

With this change, South Carolina joins 24 other states that have similar rules for young people. The governor shared news of the signing on social media and plans to make it official next week.

Under this law, doctors cannot perform surgeries or prescribe certain medications like puberty blockers or hormones to anyone under 18 who wants to transition their gender.

If a student at school wants to go by a different name or use pronouns that don’t match the sex they were born with, the principal must tell their parents.

Groups supporting LGBTQ+ rights are thinking about suing the state over this law.

Henry McMaster answers the questions (Via Alex Hazelwood/Getty Images)

Before passing the law, the Senate made changes that let mental health counselors talk about the banned treatments and suggest places where they’re legal.

Doctors can still prescribe puberty blockers for rare conditions like when a young child starts puberty too soon, as early as age 4.

Advocacy groups like the Campaign for Southern Equality say the law starts working right away. They’re collecting information to help families find medical care outside of South Carolina and nearby states, where similar rules also apply.

“Healthcare should be available to everyone, and it’s upsetting to see lawmakers take away medical care that can be life-saving for transgender young people in South Carolina,” said Raymond Velazquez, who leads the Uplift Outreach Center. He spoke out after the ban passed.

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