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The Supreme Court affirms a gun control law aimed at safeguarding victims of domestic violence

Police Officers outside Supreme Court (Via Ben Williamson/Shutterstock)

The Supreme Court upheld a federal law on Friday that aims to protect victims of domestic violence by restricting gun access.

In their first case involving the Second Amendment since expanding gun rights in 2022, the justices voted 8-1 to support a 1994 ban preventing individuals under restraining orders from possessing firearms if they pose a credible threat of physical harm. This decision overturned a ruling by the federal appeals court in New Orleans that had invalidated the law.

Chief Justice John Roberts, writing for the court, described the law as a “common sense” measure that applies after a judge determines there is a risk of violence.

Justice Clarence Thomas, known for his significant Bruen ruling in a New York case last year, dissented from the majority opinion.

President Joe Biden, who has criticized previous Supreme Court decisions on gun control and other contentious issues, welcomed the ruling. He emphasized the importance of ensuring that survivors of domestic violence are protected from potential harm.

The Supreme Court building (Via Ben Williamson/Shutterstock)

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court overturned a ban on bump stocks, accessories that allow firearms to fire rapidly, imposed during the Trump administration. The court found that the Justice Department had exceeded its authority in implementing that ban.

Friday’s case directly followed the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision in June 2022. It involved Zackey Rahimi from Texas, who allegedly assaulted his girlfriend and later threatened her with a gun during an argument in a parking lot.

During arguments last November, some justices expressed concern that ruling in favor of Rahimi could undermine the background check system, which the Biden administration claims has prevented over 75,000 gun sales based on protective orders related to domestic violence in the past 25 years.

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