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The United States has initiated an investigation into imports of Chinese vehicles, citing concerns about security risks

Investigation signals proactive approach to safeguarding (Via Jeremy Lamar/Shutterstock)

The White House said they’re looking into cars from China because they worry about their technology being too connected and maybe risky for national security.

They think these cars collect a lot of data about drivers and the places they go, using cameras and sensors. President Joe Biden says it’s important to stop China from selling lots of cars in the U.S., which could be bad for national security.

They’re going to check if these cars can be controlled or turned off from far away, even if they drive themselves.

The White House hasn’t decided what to do yet, but they’re serious about keeping the country safe and making sure Chinese cars don’t cause problems.

A group representing big car companies wants the government and car industry to work together to figure out what to do. They think they should focus on stopping risky deals but not make it hard for safe ones.

President Biden driving a car (Via Rodney Parker/Getty Images)

Even though there aren’t many Chinese cars in the U.S. now, the Commerce Secretary says they need to act before it becomes a big problem.

Some Chinese electric car companies want to sell their cars around the world, but not in the U.S. They’re looking at places like Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

China’s government says they just want to compete fairly and thinks the U.S. is being unfair by only looking at Chinese cars. They say Chinese cars got popular because they’re good, not because of anything bad.

The investigation will ask people for their opinions for 60 days before they think about making any rules. This is happening as people are trying to rely less on stuff from China in important industries and are worried about keeping their data safe.

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