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Toto Wolff is Positive That Max Verstappen Will Secure Top Spot This Year

Max Verstappen (Credits: Formula One)

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff is convinced that Max Verstappen is on course to secure his fourth world title this season, despite the extensive racing calendar that lies ahead.

Verstappen’s commanding victory in Japan, his third of the season, propelled him further ahead in the championship standings, now leading by 13 points after four races, even with a recent retirement in the Australian Grand Prix.

Wolff, impressed by Verstappen’s performance and dominance, believes that the championship is effectively in the Dutch driver’s hands.

Toto Wolff (Credits: Formula One)

He remarked, “No one is going to catch Max this year. His driving and the car are just spectacular.” Verstappen, responding to Wolff’s assessment, chuckled and joked about the recent flattering comments from the Mercedes team principal.

He emphasized the importance of focusing on each race individually and maximizing the team’s points haul regardless of the challenges ahead.

While Mercedes is currently aiming to challenge other teams like McLaren and Ferrari for the runner-up positions, Verstappen remains cautious about the long season ahead and the varying track characteristics that could favor different teams.

Max Verstappen (Credits: Formula One)

Despite Mercedes finishing seventh and ninth in the Japanese Grand Prix, Wolff acknowledged the formidable challenge posed by teams like Ferrari, McLaren, and Aston Martin, indicating that Mercedes still has ground to cover before realistically challenging Red Bull for the top spot.

Acknowledging the reality of their current position, Wolff stressed the importance of keeping their sights set on improving and striving for better results, even if the immediate championship title seems out of reach.

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