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Trump makes fun of Biden’s stutter once more at Georgia rally

Trump’s persistent mocking of Biden’s stutter fuels controversy (Via Paulina Gates/Getty Images)

Donald Trump, who is 77 years old, took aim at his White House successor, Joe Biden, who is 81, by making fun of Biden’s lifelong stutter during a campaign rally in Georgia, an important state for both parties. Trump’s habit of teasing Biden about his speech problem came up again, even though Biden had recently given a well-received speech about the country’s condition.

During the rally, Trump copied Biden’s way of speaking, calling it “hateful” and hoping to build support for the upcoming November 5 election. Trump has mocked Biden’s stutter before, like he did at a rally in Iowa in January.

Trump’s making fun of Biden’s speech issue has happened more than once, even after Biden talked openly about his difficulty with stuttering and gave advice to a boy who was going through the same thing.

Biden, who has admitted to his stutter and shared how he deals with it, has also talked about bullying and supported others facing similar problems.

Biden faces scrutiny over verbal blunders (Via Maxine Mather/Getty Images)

Even though Biden’s speech about the state of the country was well-liked and he’s tried to connect with voters, he’s faced criticism and made mistakes while campaigning. Biden often uses a teleprompter to help with possible speech problems when he’s in public. Recently, he stumbled over Rishi Sunak’s name, which was a gaffe.

Both Trump and Biden went to Georgia before the state’s primary, showing how important it is for the upcoming election. Trump wants to win the state back and is slightly ahead in the polls. But Georgia is still a crucial battleground, especially after Biden won it by a small margin in the 2020 election.

As the campaign heats up, Trump making fun of Biden’s stutter shows how fierce the competition is and how important swing states like Georgia are in deciding who wins the election.

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