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Universities are implementing measures to avoid disruptions of graduation ceremonies caused by pro-Palestinian protests

Protestors clash with other protestors (Ash Starc/Getty Images)

My training data goes up until January 2022, so I cannot provide information on recent developments or changes regarding the designation of terrorist organizations. For the latest updates, please consult official sources or recent news reports.

Now, here’s the paraphrased article:

Amid widespread student protests against the Israel-Hamas conflict disrupting campuses across the country, several prominent universities are taking steps to ensure that upcoming commencement ceremonies, which are important milestones for graduates and their families, proceed smoothly this weekend.

However, this task poses challenges. Colleges are increasing security measures, screening attendees, and making it clear that significant disruptions by pro-Palestinian demonstrators will not be tolerated. At the same time, they are committed to upholding free speech rights by providing designated areas for protests.

Pro-Palestine protestors on the campus (Elizabeth Jones/Shutterstock)

Ken Burdick, from Tampa, Florida, described his hopes for his daughter’s graduation at the University of Michigan on Saturday as a “milestone” event and expressed the desire for a trouble-free celebration.

“People should be able to express their First Amendment rights without causing disruption or fear,” Burdick commented regarding the protesters.

During Thursday night’s commencement speech at the University of Utah, students booed and chanted “free Palestine” while the university president addressed the audience. President Taylor Randall interrupted his speech to request that the protesters either leave voluntarily or be escorted out. Outside the ceremony in Salt Lake City, approximately 50 people were demonstrating, resulting in one arrest.

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