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Unprecedented backing propels Biden’s pursuit of a second term in the presidency

Biden smiles as he walks to a press conference (Via John Lucas/Getty Images)

President Joe Biden’s campaign for re-election has achieved remarkable success in fundraising, revealing that it raised more than $187 million in the first quarter of 2024. This amount is nearly double what the campaign raised in previous quarters, showing strong support for Biden’s bid for a second term.

March was especially fruitful for the campaign, coinciding with Biden securing the Democratic Party’s nomination. Contributions surged during this month to over $90 million, a significant increase from the $53 million raised the previous month.

The campaign now has $192 million in cash reserves, the highest ever for a Democratic candidate at this point in the election cycle.

Analysts credit Biden’s fundraising success to several factors, including his status as the incumbent president and strong support from Democratic leaders like former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

A recent fundraiser in New York City, attended by Biden and these Democratic leaders, raised more than $25 million, underscoring the broad support for the campaign.

Biden gestures after completing his speech (Via Joyner West/Getty Images)

The campaign highlighted that donations came from various sources, including Biden’s campaign itself, the Democratic National Committee, and joint fundraising efforts.

A vast majority of donations, 96%, were under $200, demonstrating broad grassroots support, with contributions from over 1.1 million donors totaling more than 1.9 million donations.

Biden’s campaign also emphasized extensive outreach efforts, including a $30 million, six-week media campaign targeting battleground states. The advertising aimed to engage Latino, Black, Asian American, and Pacific Islander voters, as well as supporters of former Republican nominee Nikki Haley, who withdrew her candidacy in March.

Additionally, Biden and his surrogates have been actively campaigning, visiting every battleground state in less than 20 days and participating in 69 events in March alone. This proactive approach highlights the campaign’s commitment to engaging voters across the country.

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