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Vladimir Putin continues to hold power without any opposition in Russia’s vision affected by war

Putin greets everyone (Via Paul Goodman/Getty Images)

Amid Russia’s conflict with Ukraine, Vladimir Putin stands strong as the expected winner in the ongoing election. People in Russia are voting in different time zones, and Putin, who used to work for the KGB, is very popular because of the war in Ukraine.

Russian people show strong support for Putin, saying he’s making Russia more powerful and promising to win against Western and Ukrainian enemies.

Even though many countries criticize Putin for being like a dictator and committing crimes in the war, in Russia, the conflict makes people like him more and his ratings go up.

While the West thinks Putin is being too aggressive and trying to expand Russia, many Russians believe he’s doing what’s needed to protect Russia and make it stronger in the world.

Russian media presents Putin as a patriotic leader who defends the country from Western threats, making people think he’s a strong leader.

Putin meets common people (Via Bonita Chan/Shutterstock)

The war in Ukraine is seen by Putin and many Russians as a fight against the West trying to take over Russia. This idea, along with Putin being seen as defending Russia’s interests, makes more Russians like him, and his approval ratings go up to 86%.

Even though other countries punish Russia with sanctions and criticize Putin, Russia’s economy keeps growing, with wages going up.

Putin’s ability to get people’s support for the war and handle economic problems shows he’s a strong leader who can handle pressure from other countries.

As Putin gets more power and controls Russian politics more, people who disagree with him are treated harshly. They might get sent to jail, forced to leave the country, or even killed. Putin also controls the media, so only good things are said about him.

Despite all the problems inside and outside Russia, Putin keeps going, thinking the war with Ukraine is an important part of Russia’s history and his own legacy.

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