The Resort Filming Location

The Resort is a crime thriller movie that follows a married couple named Noah and Emma who decides to go on a vacation for their 10th anniversary. They want to spend their vacation in a luxurious resort. But destiny wanted something else. They get involved in the mystery of the sudden disappearance of the two young adults rather than enjoying their vacation. In this article, we will reveal The Resort’s filming location. Without waiting further, let’s get started.

The Resort Filming Location

Some places get popular after a specific movie that got shot in that certain place gets popular. The movie’s filming location plays a specific role in the popularity of the movie. The concept and the storyline of a movie depending on the filming location. We can get a lot of things by only knowing about the place in which it got shot.

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The Resort is also all about its filming location. As Emma and Noah try to get a full picture of the mysterious case, they conclude that it is somewhat related to murder. It is not that the film has a crime and mystery genre. It has some comedic elements too. This gripping movie will make us stick to the screen until the end. Apart from crime and thriller, it has some aesthetic aura to it because of the cinematography.

More About The Resort Filming Location

Most of the part of The Resort was filmed in Puerto Rico. Talking about specific places, it was San Juan and Culebra. As we all know, the movie gets successful mainly based on the Plot, Cast, and filming locations. The places tell a lot about the story. Certain landscapes and terrains were chosen for the photography session too. Also, a few parts were shot on Caribbean Island.

The Resort filming location

Through social media, we get a clear picture of every filming location. The cast and crew of The Resort were seen in San Juan. San Juan was famous already, but the city’s financial position increased with the film shooting.

Apart from this, San Juan is also known for its beautiful beaches, as it is near the Atlantic Ocean. Some of the popular places in San Juan is Playa de Los Cabes, El Escambron, and many more. Moreover, San Juan is also known for its museums. This city has a popular ancient history which is shown in museums. Some popular museums are the Museum of Art, the San Juan Book Museum, Pablo Casals Museum, San Juan Museum, and many more. Lastly, The Resort and other iconic movies are shot in San Juan, such as The Rum Dairy, Homeland, A Perfect Getaway, and many more.

This was all about The Resort’s filming location. Meanwhile, stay connected to Chronicles PR for more updates.